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Chess and Life

It was a hot summer day. Magnificent sun was scorching outside that no one dared to step out most of the day. The summer vacation was it and as any other parent would, my mother brought the notion of joining me in any of the competitive classes, in the view of making me productive. She asked me to pick one from her top picks – Cricket, Football, Badminton, Chess, Tennis. God forbid it doesn't happen to anyone my age because it was "white and gold (or) blue and black" moment for me. I was confused. I wanted to opt all, I wanted to opt none. What did I take up?

I opted for Chess, finally after solo brain-storming. Why Chess? Because I don't have to run or squat to play it, call me lazy but it, honestly is the reason why I chose what I chose. Chess is a game of wits. I'm no wit but I excel in Chess. It all started back in schooling, as I aforementioned but Chess has outgrown to be my only favourite game through years.

Now, I really am not going to tell how a Chess board has these many rows and those many columns, I'm not. We all know it. I rather am going to talk about the metaphors, entwined in the game that reflect life. Piques curiosity? In Chess, the player can't skip a move. He/(she) has to keep moving the pieces, even after a prior check move. This applies in real-life, too. One has to keep moving forward, no matter what. We can’t undo a move that was already made. We can’t tweak a decision that changed our lives forever. The journey continues on and on until the player guards the asset, the king piece, to keep playing. Similarly, one should never let one's guard down, the real world also is full of predators. One should make tactical moves in both the game and real-life to survive. Also, this might be a bit saddening. Pawns. Pawns die for the King in the game. We are Pawns in real life. We get pushed. We endure so much pain. But that's not permanent. Become a Knight. Fall, fall, fall and GET UP! Life goes on, don't you stop either.

[Here's a bummer - Checkmate, that is life.]