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Empowering yourself through yoga!

The benefits of Yoga are numerous. In addition, unlike any other workout or exercise, it doesn't tire you rather it energises and rejuvenates you! Need more convincing? Check out these 10 reasons to start your journey to empowerment today!

Yoga increases your flexibility

Regular yoga practice increases your body’s flexibility and strength. Each yoga style inherently makes the body stronger and more flexible by working from the inside out. Only thing is that you need to be consistent, regular and be patient with your practices!

Yoga improves your strength

Physical strength is important in order to prevent injury, boost immunity and metabolism. Active, dynamic styles of yoga are great for strength training. They can be seen as the equivalent to doing a lot of reps of body-weight exercises.

Yoga reduces anxiety

Breathing and moving are the 2 important aspects of yoga. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system to relax the body and mind. This way through yoga, the body releases tension and allows the muscles to relax. The activation of the parasympathetic nervous system also helps release endorphins, otherwise known as happy hormones!

Yoga boosts your metabolism

A morning yoga practice will help to get the blood, breath and muscles moving before breakfast. This allows the nutrients from your food to be better absorbed. Regular practice also helps to build muscle and dramatically boost metabolism. Breathing fully and deeply increases circulation.

Yoga helps you to focus

Yoga makes your mind quieter and clutter-free. This makes it easier to direct the energy to where you want it to go. You develop one-pointedness concentration through practice. Yoga trains the mind to become more aware and present. Research has shown that after a yoga class you will generally be able to focus your mental resources, process information more accurately.

Yoga soothes your skin

The skin is where the first signs of stress and nutrient deficiency get displayed. By practising a combination say Pranayama and meditation, as well as an active yoga practice, the body and all its systems, receive better circulation. This reduces stress levels and can even help reduce conditions like acne and eczema.

Yoga boosts your brain power

Moving in a way that is different from our daily patterns helps the brain work harder and can help keep the brain healthy. Twisting asanas and anything which involves crossing limbs over the body is fantastic for balancing the brain hemispheres.

Yoga helps clear toxins

While it’s controversial as to whether twisting yoga asanas actually ‘detox’ the body, it’s fair to say that a yoga practice definitely helps to clear toxins from the body. Getting things moving inside and outside helps shift any lurking toxins and get the body rid of them quicker. Being aware and mindful of your thoughts too can help to ‘detox’ the mind of any ‘toxic’ thoughts.

Yoga improves your balance

Balancing yoga postures help the brain to fire neurons that help with muscle memory and spatial awareness, and using the feet regularly in a daily yoga practice can strengthen the muscles of the foot.

Yoga teaches you to know yourself!

Unlike group sports activities, yoga is a very internal and personal practice. Even though you might have practised in a class with lots of other people, the focus is still on what is happening inside you. We have to live with this body and this mind for a whole lifetime, so it’s worth to take time to get to know it, and even make friends with it!