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How to fall in love with running?

Do you hate running? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Almost every runner would have been at a similar place at some point or the other. When they questioned why they started with the sport and wondered if they should stick to it! But just because you don’t enjoy it today, why should you miss out on the fabulous benefits it has? Here are a few tips to make you fall in love with running.

Change what you don’t like!

Think about WHY you hate running. Is it because you get bored or you get out of breath easily or your legs starts aching easily? Understand why you may not have liked running and start planning steps that will fix those problems for you!

Run with a buddy!

Running with a buddy or a group keeps you motivated about the sport. You are more likely to focus on the enjoyment you get from the social interaction, rather than your dislike towards the sport! Through such interactions, you may discover positive aspects of running that will increase your enjoyment of the sport and motivate you to keep going. Being a part of a larger running community will help you feel more connected to the sport.

Build your confidence!

For some, running in public is a huge challenge. They think they will look slow, silly, too fat, too old to other runners or people driving by. Keep all such thoughts aside and be proud of yourself about the efforts you put in for your own fitness. Take steps to boost your confidence, like working on the proper running form and getting some running gear so you will feel more comfortable.

Avoid boredom!

It is natural to get bored of running when you do it for a longer time! So it is important to use strategies to prevent the boredom from getting to you. From listening to music or audiobooks to doing fun interval workouts to exploring new running routes, there are so many ways to break up the monotony. Just figure out what works best for you!

Breathe Properly

Some new runners think running isn’t their cup of tea and feel like they’re always out of breath. If your breathing is too shallow, you’re not going to feel relaxed and it's natural to feel annoyed. To get the maximum amount of oxygen, you should breathe in through your mouth and nose, and out through your mouth. You should feel your abdomen expanding, rather than your upper chest. If you feel like your breathing is getting too shallow or feels out of control, slow down or take a walk break.

Build capacity at your own pace

Don’t try to do too much too soon. You’ll get discouraged and probably continue to dislike running. Try using the run-walk technique, where you run for a short span and then take a walk break. Slowly, extend the amount of time you're running and reduce your walking time. When you’re running, you should be able to breathe very easily and carry on a conversation. Starting out with this type of easy running will help prevent overstraining. You can focus on increasing your speed once you've built up your endurance, strength, confidence, and hopefully have started to enjoy running.

You may not find running fun or enjoyable at first, stay with it and you may be on your way to a lot of runner's highs and finish lines. Need a coach to get you started with running, reach out to us!