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Time to get back to the pedal!

Most of us who have cycled, see cycling as one of the purest joys of life as we fondly recollect our good old school days! For many of us, we experienced pure freedom and wanderlust for the first time in our childhood when we cycled. Why not relive those memories for a much larger purpose? It emerges that the benefits of cycling can be demarcated into direct benefits, which accrue to individuals, and indirect benefits, which are realized by society on account of increased cycling and reduced use of motorized transport. Let us have a look at a few below.

Health benefits:

1. Physical health benefits:

Physical inactivity is the single biggest reason for all lifestyle diseases. 9 to 5 jobs in front of a screen has made us lazy and physically inactive. On top of that, our food habits are very unhealthy. This has made us, the Urban Indians, vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Can cycling help you in such a situation? The answer is a big YES!

- Regular cycling is a way to immunize ourselves from these lifestyle diseases.

- It can be an effective tool to aid your weight loss missions.

- It is known that a 10 Km cycle ride can help you burn calories as much as 300. So why not cycle to office and back? Save the time you spend on the boring treadmill!

- Looking to strengthen your muscles? Cycling is the best way to do it! The more you ride, the stronger your muscles become.

- Cycling also strengthens your bones. It stimulates bone growth. The skeleton becomes more solid and prevents the risk of osteoporosis.

2. Mental health benefits:

Recent studies have shown that regular cycling can help build a better brain, both structurally and functionally. We’ll take a closer look at how hopping on your bike can bring you greater peace of mind and improve your workday.

- Cycling boosts your memory and reasoning. It is true that all aerobic exercise helps to maintain blood flow to the organ by providing it with a supply of nutrients and oxygen. People who exercise regularly often find that their judgement, learning and thinking remains sharp as they age.

- Cycling improves your brain power. There’s a good reason why studies show that our mental skills are improved after a cycle ride. It is all to do with the ‘white matter’ in our brains. White matter, found beneath the brain surface binds the different parts of the brain together. People who regularly pedaled increased the integrity of their white matter. The increase of which helps your brain function more smoothly, something which is great for any problem-solving you might have to face at work.

- Cycling improves your general well being. Regular physical activity also helps to combat stress, depression and anxiety. Cycling to work, though, is one of the best ways to improve your well-being every day.

Environmental benefits:

- It is simple, cycling is good for the environment. While driving a single occupancy car or public transport systems like buses or metro produce carbon footprint, cycling is the only mode of urban transportation which has a zero carbon footprint.

- Cycles need only small spaces for parking, which can even be conveniently integrated into sidewalks, provided there is enough space.

- Air and waste pollution are not the only types of pollution that disrupt the quality of life, there is noise pollution too. Cycles are quieter alternatives to cars that don’t crowd the street.

Many of our choices have direct effects on the environment. Our mode of travel is one of them. Since we benefit so much from Mother Nature, we ought to give back to her too. Are you ready to adopt this wallet-friendly, environment-friendly and healthy way of sporty?

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