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Why it's important to focus on both physical and mental fitness?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Any person involved in sports must have both their physical and mental health in very good shape. While physical health includes routine exercises, stretching, having a balanced diet, mental health is more intuitive and personal to the athlete involved and must be studied more carefully.

Why is mental health very important?

Studies show us athletes or sportsperson who have the same physique, training and diet are a notch higher than others if they have better mental resilience and higher emotional quotient. These may include stress management, focus, good self-image, leadership, teamwork, trust, distraction control, burn out control and emotional regulation to quote a few. Let’s discuss each in detail.


Matches and games are played not just for fun but also to win the same. Most sports have sponsors who financially take care of the sport requirements for their players or team. The pressure to win in order to sustain the sponsor, stress to perform consistently for the team or state or nation and in some cases the added responsibility to lead or coach the team successfully can make one easily crumble within.

A kid involved in sports has to balance both his/her academics and the game. Guilt and stress becomes a constant companion throughout their school days. An established sports person/celebrity also undergoes stress

· Related to decisions of selection or drops out from their teams,

· Injury-related stress,

· Stress due to actions or behaviour on/off the ground,

· Stress owing to personal/family issues.

In this information age, a player’s mental and emotional equilibrium is considered to be of equal or more importance as their physical performance itself.

Focus and distraction control:

Be it kids, teens or adults pursuing a sports means remaining focussed on the game to practice and perfect it. This involves endurance, patience and never-give-up attitude. To achieve this one needs to have a great amount of mental discipline, focus and distraction control. People seeking quick and positive results, good remuneration, steep career growth or other positive images as they perceive sports to be, must be well prepared for long hours of dedicated efforts, self-belief, and great passion to keep them stuck to their sporting aspirations, despite difficult times that may arise.

Burn out or Feeling low:

Any sports will have its up and low and as the quote goes, “It is not important how many times you fall, but how many times you rise” .It is crucial to note that sports stars are those who are willing to take the risks, lift themselves up even when things go awry, handle with composure the burnouts of game, be stoic under turbulences that may be personal, professional or media-generated and never let any of these deterrents dissuade themselves from feeling low, depressed or give up their dreams!!

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